A Snake's Tail

I've never met a friendly snake but, then again, I've never met a mean snake either. I once met a terrified snake.

As a teenager living in the country I met the terrified snake. I found him while taking a bike ride on a dirt road by the bridge. I encountered the snake's tail in a soda, or beer can, beside the road not far from the little bridge. From the opening of the can I saw the snake's tail writhing on the dusty ground.. It's head was trapped inside the can. I can't speculate how long the snake had tried to extricate himself from his predicament.

I decided then to attempt to free this little garter snake from its trap. It appeared that some kids from the local trailer park got their kicks out of putting this snake into the can head first. His body was too thick to fully stuff in the can, so they left the reptile half in and half out of the can. I carefully drew the snake out of the can. Because he expanded and contracted in the process, I had to be patient in the hot summer sun to wait until he relaxed again to work him out in increments.

I don't recall how long the process took, but I remember it took some time to play a good Samaritan to this reptile. Finally, I succeeded and the snake's head slid out. To my shock, in thanks for rescuing him, he promptly turned toward my hand and tried to bite at me. Garter snakes are harmless garden snakes, so they cannot injure a human. I may be incorrect about the species of the snake. It could have been a water snake since I found it near the creek. I'll never know.

I remember being surprised at the time, but I realize in retrospect that the snake wouldn't know who crammed him in the can. For all the snake knew, I was the predator who caused his imprisonment.

If there is a moral to this true story it is to help those in need, even if you don't receive a thank you in return, knowing that doing right will not always be rewarded by the recipient of your kindness. The Creator sees everything and your kindness will return to you one day.

Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.
Luke 6:36 KJV

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