It's another day, another grace which God almighty grant me for counting me among the living soul. Am really grateful for the gift of life. Am glad that I haven't given up my humanity because of Wealth. As a boy who comes from a poor background. There are some time in which people will want to test the level of our humanity but the most important thing is to give them back the response in a positive way that will light our life's. I have read it in news and see it in a television. The rate youth are trying to get rich unexpectedly is becoming so alarming. People of my age or below my age engaged in money ritualist to get rich, buy houses and use exortic cars without sweating. If you asked them they will tell you what lead them to it is because of their poor background and they can't keep living in a world with poverty.
Really know one love poverty but who told you that you can't become successful through your handwork and hardwork. We should rather choose a wealth that will last long but not the one that will come early and take away our precious life. I believe in the words which says that " what we earn through our hardwork and sweat will always stay with us forever but what we don't work for won't last a long time".

Believe in yourself and your ability. There is no limit to what we can achieve.

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