Iaac day 2

Good evening everyone, its 11:03 here in Nigeria, today is day 2 Of my I'm alive challenge,.
My day was such a challenging day, market was actually bad today, I had to come home today, the scarcity of fuel In the country is causing havoc, peoples mind are not stable, thy had to be on long queue for hours, in other to get fuel,and this is causing hold up everywhere, and this has made all the road transporters to increase the transport fare price no matter where you are going we will have to pay double of that of before, the strike going on in universities, all of this made every where empty, that got me confused, I had to close on time to come home early, I thank God for life, and I also pray God help us resolve what we are passing through in this country, no money and everything is increasing in price everyday,.


Thank for viewing my blog, stay safe.

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