Engagement in life.

Engagement. We talk about this so often here on Hive, in cryptocurrencies, and in real life. The theory of five hundred comments inside Hive, after which you can see results, may not work. I'm sure it didn't even work for some people.

Because engagement isn't just about comments...


Just like looking at bitcoin, ether and Hive exchange quotes from time to time won't get you involved in cryptocurrencies. At least not for real. After all, cryptocurrency is not prices, rumors, news or numbers on a screen.

Cryptocurrency is about value.

Whatever that means. There are so many things to be found inside now that everyone will find something different for themselves. One bitcoin has always been equal to one bitcoin. And one Hive equals one Hive. It only becomes clear when you're really engaged in crypto.

We are a social blockchain and I like to constantly compare Hive to real life. After all, a lot of the laws really work almost identically there and there. I've noticed that my involvement with Hive, and some of the participants, has given me value in real life. In the form of understanding, peace of mind, and confidence.

It worked the same way in reverse. Some insights from the real world I bring here and get even more feedback and important information for me. In this way I am constantly engaged to improve, to create and to give back. Wherever I am. Online or offline.

Engagement in life.

And for that I think it's often enough to have one sincere smile a day, one insight at a time, or 10 comments and one post let through sincerely just once. At least to start with. After all, not all of us have even a few extra hours in the day.

Perhaps that's why we often don't have the most important thing in this life.

We have adopted this pattern of behavior in which we are constantly in a hurry. We get involved with money, because time is money. And we are in a hurry again. On the next step, we are sure to engage someone else to see the fruits of our haste sooner. And we rush even more.

And after all, it's a walk. Not a race. Even if it's a marathon race, it's a jog. Not galloping....

I've been absent from Hive more this week than I've been present. But by some strange coincidence, I've been more engaged than I've ever been. Perhaps it's nature, where I've spent 4 out of 7 days, not including the constant daily walks. Or maybe it's just recharging on those particular 7 days. But my rare touches with the posts and comments within Hive have been very valuable.

More accurately, priceless!

Each touch resonated with me and found its follow-through. I just processed it and brought it back here again. And it was repeated each time and went in a circle, filling me more and more. I was present while I was away. Engaging more and more with each magical circle.

That's how I see and feel the engagement now.

It seems that I've read similar things from many here on Hive.

Apparently today is the time for me to realize something too and try to give it back.

Thanks to my brother @tydynrain for these thoughts and message about Dr. Hew Len!

The magic is indeed real!


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