I am alive challenge / one day as a shark DAY 17

That's not The Beatles. It's four dudes that sorta look like the Beatles and sorta look like me

Pretty standard Tuesday around these parts

I worked, I did some school stuff, I cleaned up the kitchen (again), I watered some plants that desperately needed it. I kept pretty busy throughout a lot of the day. I'm winding down now and playing some games while I work on this post.

PancakeSwap has a pool to earn SPS

Yesterday, there was a poll on their site about whether or not $CAKE holders would want to earn $SPS. When I saw it last, it was nearly 100% support for earning it. When I checked today, sure enough... there was a pool there.


CubFinance was actually my introduction to PancakeSwap. I suspect there are many people for whom the opposite is true. I was definitely in the $CAKE Kingdom for a while, but I shifted things around. I've been shifting things around here and there. Not chasing ridiculously high yields on risky platforms, but switching things up when something new makes more sense.

Right now, it makes sense to me to earn a whole lot of $SPS. I think the future for Spilnterlands is very bright and some of the cards available to buy on the market now won't even be available much longer.


Splinterlands update

You know what? It was a big enough day in Splinterlands today that I think I'll be working on a nice, long post about it tomorrow.

Morning walk w/ Stella again


If it looks like she's sniffing the ground in every single photo I post of her, that's probably because she's just always sniffing the ground. She definitely seems more interested in sniffing than some of our other dogs did. I have a set distance I plan on walking usually, but I let her take her time and sniff, within reason. Sometimes, she'll be really insistent on something for what seems like forever, or sometimes she'll start trying to smell every tree or pole that we come across for a stretch.


That's all, folks!

Not every day has to be a novel's worth of details, right? Right. I'll be working on a longer Splinterlands post tomorrow anyway. Hopefully. I might get lazy and say eff it.


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