I am alive challenge day#5: May 24,2022.


Lovely evening y'all. Guess what? I'm alive! Yes. Today has been fairly good. The weather has been cold since morning as it drizzled through out the night. Cold nights and mornings make it quite difficult for me to wake up early. You know, it feels so good to snuggle under the covers when it's cold.

I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for work. I got to work a little late but it didn't interfere with my lessons. Started with an English class. My learners have been without a teacher for a long while so it's difficult interact with them. I lost my cool several times as they were struggling with basic things to know. If anyone can suggest ways to handle learners in an encouraging way, I'd be glad.

Because of their level and "problem", we hadly are able to learn more than 3 subjects a day. Little by little, we'll surely get there.

My day ended with me preparing supper after work and relaxing while rewatching movies. Planned to read another book as I had finished reading the one I started over the weekend. But ended up watching movies rather. Maybe tomorrow, will read.

Keep smiling and be grateful to be alive. I sure am glad to be alive. Hope the week stays blessed.

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