I am alive challenge day #3: May 21, 2022.

I am alive. Hurray!!. I'm alive and well. No work as today is a weekend. Started my day like any normal day. Had my breakfast and settled to read a book.


I had just finished reading the blurb, when a coworker called for us to go for a long walk. I had forgotten we planned it the day before.


We started the walk at about 10:40am. We walked to next community on the same mountain. It was a very long walk. Descending and ascending on some parts of the mountain.
I realized I'm so out of shape.i promised myself to start exercising.
We got there at about 12:00pm.
It took us an hour and 20mins to get there.
It was more a hike than a walk.
We stayed there for about 3 hours, chatting and resting with a colleague in that community.


The hike was horrible as it started to rain and there was no shelter!
There were nice photographic places but I couldn't get enough pictures because the rain and dense fog. I captured them with my eyes though.
My day was good and interesting.
I'm grateful to be alive and healthy. Hope everyone had a great one too. Tomorrow is another day. Hope for only the best.

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