I am alive challenge day #1 - Hope I'm welcome

This is my first post participating in the #IAmAliveChallenge started by @flax and this is my second post on hive. I'm still trying to find my way around and any help on what to do and what to learn will be appreciated

Today didn't start well for me as I had trouble sleeping through out the night. I had severe waist and abdominal pain throughout most part of the night.

Things had to be done so gathered enough strength to go through the day. Did my morning routine and went to work.


My learners are far behind what they need to learn so it's quite stressful planning lessons. We learnt phonics today. They caught on quite well considering their problem of being behind.

Had some notes to write so did just that though I couldn't finish.


Took a break, while the learners were on break to read a book I had started reading, titled "Texas Rose". It's a nice romantic story about two sworn enemy families. But two individuals from these families have fallen in love and trying their best to be together.

My day ended on a good note considering how it started.
I am grateful to be alive!

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