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Loyalty is a vital virtue that's lacking in the world and among humanity. We are not being born with this character. We keep adopting and learning how best to exercise this quality and become a loyal person. A loyal person can be trusted and responsible for greater tasks.

In a nutshell, loyalty means Sticking together with policies and clear vision to achieve a common goal and aim. It can be demonstrated by animals and humans. Many animals are known for being loyal despite varying circumstances. Dogs are remarkable animal with great sense of loyal to their masters. They are ready to die for their masters and use all their skills for the greater good of their masters.

Like Dogs, Humans can be loyal and trustworthy during a course. They can use their skills and talents to further the goal and objectives of their enterprises and others. Although it's rare, it should compensated and rewarded.

Hive and Alive Goals

Being loyal to my goals on Hive Blockchain, I will be consistent and relevant in order to increase my stake weight thereby ensuring my greatness on the ecosystem.

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