IAAC/// Be Loyal///Larry is Alive

Loyalty is very important virtue that is very rare in the world today. Betrayal is now the order of the day and happen always. It will be hard to notice who have not suffered due to this evil act from loved ones. Betrayal is like a sharp sword that can cut through unsuspecting heart.

Distrust happens too because of disloyalty which is very common this day. In every aspect of human affairs, distrust occurs commonly this days. Especially when ever one did not know or even from one's that seems to be loyal.

Never blame yourself whenever you are a victim. It's not your fault but theirs. Cheers up and keep doing good to Others. Show them how loyalty and respect should be and you will become the recipient of the products of loyalty.

Larry is Alive Task

I caught him at Listnerd where I read some mails and stake some of my tokens too.

Staking of these tokens will sustain and improve the tokenomic and ecosystem.

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