Friday///Peaceful Day///03-03-2023

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Thank God, Today is Friday. A day, We on our beloved tribe share how our day went through. Feel so happy to tell you how peaceful today was and I am happy, it went well.

I woke up lately because I had a serious hangover. A friend visited our area yesterday and we had a big surprise party for him. He is a Major in Nigerian Army. How happy, we were to see him healthy and safe, knowing that their line of duty is not safe at all times. We had drinks and spicy meats for everyone and everyone was happy. I went home happily but drunk. I slept off without even attending to my normal hive tasks for the nights. I woke up with serious headache and I had to attend to myself to be sound in health before leaving home. I did some of my morning routine and leave home to shop.

In Nigerian society, things are very difficult and hard. The redesigning of naria notes have really affected every businesses. I had no goods to sell but there's money in my account but can't be able to spend it. I went to the bank for my new debit card. Can you believed me that they debited me again for the same inactivated card? Nigeria system is very faulted! How can I pay for the same thing twice? Talkless of time wasted at the banking hall. Nigerians are really suffering. When will it ends? Very soon, they will always answer!

Later in the day, Our friend visited again but everyone was cautious of drinking alcohol but focused on meats. We ate and dance away of all our sorrowful day. Turning worse days into a happy ones!

I was a bit compassionate to my clients and attend to them with kindness. Never being harsh on them but readily available to help them out. I attend to their various needs and make sure that they are happy before they leaves my shop. Maybe next time, i will took some pictures of them with their permission for your reading happiness. After I closed my shop and walk down the streets to my home. After these post and other activities on hive, I will sleep to rest for tomorrow.

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