I Am Alive On Hive Challenge Day 10 #IAmAliveChallenge - #HiveIsAlive

Hello everyone 🖐️, I hope everyone is doing great. I'm Sahil back with another day of IAmAliveChallenge. This is my 10th entry and yesterday (22nd August) was an occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi festival. So without any further delay, let's get started with a short explanation about this festival...

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrated by Indians, and the name also knows as Vinayaka Chaturthi. This festival is a 10-day celebration which is marked by an installation of Lord Ganesha's clay idol in homes, temples and temporary made stage (pandals). Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my friends and their families.

Idol of Lord Ganesha

So let's start my yesterday's activities.


It's another day of full of joy when sunshine and birds chirp. Today I woke up at around 6:10 am. I got up from my bed, brushing my teeth and freshen up as usual. Then I checked my mobile and quickly checked WhatsApp and Instagram. Them my mom gave me tea while drinking I read some news on my mobile. Today he dedicated an article on Ganesh Chaturthi and explained the history of why we celebrate this festival. After reading some articles, I helped my mother to clean the house. It took some time to clean the area to worship. Then I went for a walk and completed my 2000 steps.

I had alloo bread and tea in my breakfast at around 10:15 am. Then I check my hive account's notifications and comments, and then I checked if there is any new post in my college group.

Bread and Tea in Breakfast


In the afternoon, I was craving, so I ordered two Burger and Manchurian and, my brother and I finished it. Then I went to buy Items of worship. After coming back home, I played Clash Royale game to pass my time. Then I wrote my assignment for half an hour; it's about to finish now. However, the submission date extended, and there is no announcement regarding examination due to pandemic, everything getting delayed.
Picture clicked a little late of ordered Meal


In the evening, around 5 pm, I received a call from my friend @rishabh99946, so I went to the terrace and took a walk while talking. He told me about project hope and to give some time to the PH community. After that, I opened PeakD and commented on other's posts and checked some posts within Project Hope. Then I attended my online class.
My today's walking record


At around 8 pm, we worshipped to the Lord Ganesha and honouring by aarti. Aarti is one of the essential steps of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is believed that Lord Ganesha was a fan of ladoos and modak, so ladoos are offered to Lord Ganesha as bhog.
Prashad (ladoos)

Then I wrote my 10th entry on PeakD after having dinner. Then I spend time on scrolling social media and watching videos on youtube. After all this hectic schedule, I directly headed to bed.

So this was my today's activities. Stay safe stay healthy. Thank you for visiting here. I appreciate your time.

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