Forking Around in the Garden 🌱 IAAC #35


I Am Alive! ✌️

Let's hope this post goes through, as everything on the Hive blockchain is acting wonky right now, with the whole thing being forked and all. The situation got me all forked up. See what I did there?

Today I had a dreaded covid mini scare again. In case you don't know what that is, it's basically getting paranoid about every little symptom you get, thinking you got the virus. So because I wasn't feeling all that well in the morning and having today be an office day, I sent a mail to the office that I'd be working from home instead, just to be sure. Later in the day I felt better again, so it's probably nothing.. again.

I could get some basic garden work done though. That fresh air is always welcome in these troubling times and I think it probably had some type of healing effect on me. It's getting hotter outside and it seems the plants are not liking the constant heat all that much. Might need to install a watering system soon, if I don't want to lug around a watering can everyday that is.

Now for an appropriate daily funny image to balance out all the drama.



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