Active Saturday || Great Papaya || Listnerds And LeadsLeap Tasks Completed || IAmAliveAndThriving || 16.09.2013

Active Saturday || Great Papaya || Listnerds And LeadsLeap Tasks Completed || IAmAliveAndThriving || 16.09.2013

Today have been another wonderful day with some activities to show and praise God with. I joined others out in the field ministry this morning alongside some brethren to share some life saving messages that give hope of a better future under a better universal government that promise secure future for its citizenry. It is always a soul lifting exercise.

Great Papaya

While in the house of a householder, I was amazed at the sight of this species of Pawpaw (Papaya) which I have not seen before.


The color of the fruit looks different from the conventional once I use to see around my area.


I was move to take a snap shot and selfie of the plants I see around there.


Vegetable plants and its seed.

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Listnerds And LeadsLeap Tasks Completed

I engaged in the ListNerds task and LeadsLeap Task and finds #Larry in two locations.

Completing ListNerds Task
In this location, I hunt for Larry which was interesting as there were lots of mails, so I engaged in the ListNerds task of reading more than 10 mails to find Larry in this spot who is always busy.


LeadsLeap Task Completed
In this location I find Larry while surfing and viewing 20 ad for 11.1 credit.


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Thankfull to @flaxz for this initiative.

The four basic points to take part in the #IamAliveChallenge are:

  • Use Tags #alive and #aliveandthriving
  • Share your life journey, and what you do to thrive while living it.
  • Share your personal and financial goals, how you will reach them and why they are important to you
  • Live your life to it's fullest, make each day count.


Keep following @bradleyarrow in his trail to be visible and get exposure, join the curation.

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Meet me on Leadsleap to earn from ad viewing when you view up to 10 ad as well as earn ticket.

You can click on the banner or link to join ListNerds

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Thank you for your love and stopping by my blog, and the good God continue to bless you all. Identify with the #visualblock and #aliveprojects

Do have a blissful #alive #week ahead and #hive on to the moon!! #meme #pimp #vyb #hive

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