Saturday Savers Club - Switching to HBD For Savings

Hello to all Saturday Savers. We are now at the end of week 11 and we are approaching the end of March. You can check what week it is here. Last week in the Saturday Savers Club we were asking what would $10 buy in your country here.

We were also discussing about using the great 20% interest rate for HBD to park some of our short-term savings.

I checked my bank and the current interest rates are:


Which is pretty rubbish still compared to the inflation and compared to HBD. Therefore, the money that I usually save for my yearly holiday, instead of saving it in the bank, I will move it to HBD and earn 20% APR instead!

With banks collapsing and being insolvent all around us, it is much safer in HBD too! That is one less bank account that I need to monitor, so it is a win/win situation!

On to this week's numbers:

My main target is to grow my Hive Power.

Start: 56314
Target: 100k
Current: 58902
To Go 41098

My Hive increased by 172 last week which is much lower than the previous weeks. I also was too slow in buying some Hive when the price dipped and now it is back up above $0,40. With Bitcoin surging towards $30k, I wonder if we will see any more dips to buy Hive cheap.

My second goal is to increase my ALIVE power to 25k. This is my current progress:

Start: 10025
Target: 25k
Current: 12832
To Go 12168

This week I staked 174 ALIVE tokens which was lower than last week, so I need to try and increase my amount of ALIVE tokens to stay on target towards my goal.

My final goal is to increase my staked SPS.

Start: 1539
Target: 50k
Current: 10690
To Go 39310

My SPS increased by 455 this week which is pretty decent. I am eyeing the market to make a big purchase of SPS and notice that SPS has also bounced strongly off of its lows. I am terrible at market timing! lol


You can see in the last week the price has gone from $0,23 to $0,29, which is a greater than 24% rise! This token has potential in my opinion and that is why I would like to have a good stack of it before Soulkeep and GLS are released!

That's it for this week, but before I go, be sure to check out the @eddie-earner or @susie-saver accounts for more details about the Saturday Savers Club. This is run by @shanibeer.

Thanks for reading.

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