HashKings Progress Update

Welcome to my latest HashKings game update. I am currently playing the farming part of this game and recently bought some water NFTs to expand into the water baron aspect too.

As you can see, I completed another harvest in Mexico and Afghanistan. I needed to buy some new seeds and it is a good job I checked the profitability or I could lose crypto by buying unprofitable seeds.

I made this table to calculate the potential profit considering all the variables. As I don't get any seeds dropped because I don't quite understand the staking system, I need to still buy seeds and the red market ones could have led to a loss.

Also you can see the BUD/Hive ratio has dropped considerably, which has reduced the profit quite a bit.

I purchase my seeds from NFTMart and they update very quickly into the game. Previously I was also purchasing HKWater too, but now have 3 water towers that produce enough HKWater for me each day.

I could actually sell some HKWater, but the price has reached a new low currently.

You can see the price dropped sharply at the end of October and has been flat the whole of November. Therefore I have just continued to stack my HKWater until the market recovers.

Whether there is a glut in the HKWater market or the bear market has reduced the demand by farmers for water, I am not sure yet. But luckily I have some own demand for HKWater, but it is not so good for my returns at the moment.

Thanks for reading.



Title image created by myself in Canva using in-game screenshots from source and my own in-game NFT that I bought and own.
Screenshots are taken from the game Hashkings website and NFTM.Art website and source.


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