I am alive challenge #1


Hi there! I enjoyed some Starbucks drinks with some friends after a long time of staying home and not seeing each other. I felt gratitude for our rendezvous and also for a very good dessert 👇


During quarantine, it was a great time for me to reflect on things in my life and to express gratitude towards other people and simple but so important things in our lives.

I have to say that I adjusted kind of easily to staying home during the Covid virus and enjoyed both my presence and that of others as well. Anyway, after a while you do want to get out...at least for a bit...and you do feel how great can be the presence of long no-seen friends 🙂

I am also happy and quite surprised I was able to gain some weight in this period. I am naturally very skinny (even though I eat a lot of sweets hahaha). I had some attempts over the years with taking supplements and other vitamins in order to gain weight and I couldn't see much improvement. Well, that was the first time in my life I gained weight without doing any effort at all.

So YES, Thank You Quarantine - I feel more fluffy and with great energy. Therefore, you do imagine why pancakes were in mind when writing this post 🤭

I AM ALIVE here, hope you are too and have a lot of fun! Cheers!

Maylena 💋

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