Larry Is Alive Contest : Day 29

[Image Created by me with Canva, used in my Hunt for Larry]

Hello everyone.
Is that time of the week.
Yes i am excited about it, so I quickly prepared my fruit salad.
It's time to meet Larry, I started the journey.
Without going far nor passing through much stress.
I safety arrived at Listnerds, still as always.
Everything always in order.

I didn't rush it, I took my time to read at least 10 mails to qualify for the contest.

Screenshot Below is prove of completing Larry is alive task.

Are you still missing out in the Hunt for Larry.
You get rewarded just by finding him in any of his locations.
Make a post of at least 50 words about it.
And post making sure that (alive,larryisalive and ctp) comes in the first three tags.
You can also use the link of the post to participate in Thursday
Which also gives you the opportunity to win HP delegation, Alive Tokens and ecency points.

The delay and procrastination won't do you any good.

I hope to see you there.

Thank you very much for your time 😘

See you next time 😉.

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