513 consecutive post in ¨WeAreAliveTribe¨ Do not be discouraged, if you do things well, the fruits always come

Hello Hivian friends. I want to start by thanking you for the enormous support you give to my post; As you know, I live off the compensation and support that you give me, however small it may be for you, for me it is an enormous help; Large sums of money are made up of the accumulation of pennies. The growth that our company is having is great (Hive) That without a doubt is really very good, although many times in these situations many more people publish their content, and it is increasingly difficult to make our post visible, and consequently they are not seen compensated. If you are doing things well, you are committed to comments and interaction, you should not worry, the fruits of your work will always come. Whatever happens Don't be discouraged. For five hundred and thirteen consecutive posts supporting this unmatched ¨ challenge ¨ by:   @flaxz. #WeAreAliveTribe. #hivelsalive.

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If the fruit of your work is not being seen, perhaps you should analyze if the community where you are publishing is doing well with your materials; That is a mistake that I see frequently; The community where we publish is very important, especially now that there are more and more people who publish, and one way to make our posts more visible is within the communities

Eternally grateful to our friend Erick, for this "challenge" that reminds me to live life with intensity, and to be grateful for the privilege of having life; But now that things are very complicated in terms of affection


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