446 consecutive posts. Promoting commitment in our community ¨wearealive¨ participate and win ¨ tokens¨ ¨Alive¨

Hello Hivian friends. In our community we are working to increase the level of commitment of the members, we encourage and motivate interaction through comments, and participation in live chat. In particular, I am rewarding relevant comments and interaction; We are convinced that this is the path we must follow for growth. A new month began, and with the new changes in the dynamics of supporting the commitment. This is my four hundred and forty-six post supporting this amazing ¨challenge¨ from:   @flaxz. #WeAreAliveTribe. #hivelsalive.

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Very grateful to our friend for having created this "challenge", which allows us to get involved and grow our level of commitment, very important to grow our accounts in our company; Commitment and dedication is the key.

Things have not changed in terms of affection, concerned about how the ¨level¨ of ¨ affected¨ continues to advance, there are more than 4,930,000, although 4,570,000 have overcome the affection, the concern is in the 106,000 deceased


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