I'm Alive, But Heading to Hell - WEEK

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Happy Wednesday fellow ALIVERS! HIVERS!! and CTP SWARMERS!!!

We are a couple of days away from Mid-October already and truth be told it's one of my favorite months. When I was a child it was one of my favorites because of Halloween:


These days not so much.

For those who know me, it's evident that that I am a die-hard Orangetheory Fitness fanatic.

I value my health and fitness, which truth be told came way after in my life. For most of my life, I abused my body in many ways - NOT SO GOOD WAYS and in my forties; I realized that I had to do a better job of loving myself and that starts with taking care of my body and mind.

It's been 9 years this month when the epiphany came upon me and this upcoming February will be the beginning of my EIGHTH year as an Orangetheory Fitness member.

So the month of October, 9 years ago was a huge turning point in my life.

As an OTF member, the templates are different every session, but it also includes benchmark workouts to see how you are progressing, specialty workouts to add some extra intensity to a normal workout and annual week or month long workouts with a theme.

In the month of October, we as members look forward to Hell Week! 8 days of extra INTENSE templates that make the normal High Intensity Interval Training sessions seem like a vacation.


The craziest part of it, we do it to earn the specially designed Hell Week shirt and as you can see my fiancé, Tiffany and me have done most of them together. There is one missing, which was the first one I did before I met Tiffa and honestly - I think I threw the shirt it. Didn't realize, that it would turn into annual event that it is today.

Hell Week.JPG

Let me tell you, all those shirts were well earned.


The other fun part about Hell Week is that they name the templates with some cool names. Here is the list of templates and the dates we will be burning splats on:

Hell Week list.jpg

So frickin cool!


There are one other event that makes October a good one for me is the U Can Finish 5 Mile & 2 Mile Presented by AdventHealth

It's one of those running events, that has a very cool element to it and the medals are kick ass and this year's 5 Mile medal is awesome as well.

ucf medal.jpg

Can't wait to add the 2021 U Can Finish 5 Mile medals to our running medal collection:


It's held at the UCF (University of Central Florida) Yup, the Golden Knights territory:


It's kind of nuts that we are going to run this not too long after we had just participated in a half-marathon a few weeks ago; but did I tell you that I'm a glutton for punishment?


With all that said, Hell Week at the end of the month is the main event and yes, it's hellish and fun!!!

There are other awesome things that happen in October that makes it one of my favorite months, but Hell Week is one of those that make me know that - I Am Alive



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