Why I invested 100 HIVE into the ALIVEM Token

If I look a little nervous, it's because when it comes to making crypto purchases, I'm pretty stingy. Every hive is hard-earned, and investing it into another token takes some confidence.

I want to explain my confidence in ALIVEM, despite my look. :-)

Of course I am giving my opinion here. I am not a financial advisor and I do not give financial advice. Every investment must be done at ones own risk.

ALIVEM Mines TWO tokens!

The reason I believe ALIVEM is a sure-fire win is because it mines two of my favorite tokens on the HIVE blockchain. ALIVE TOKEN and AWESOME TOKEN.


The first is the ALIVE token, which is one of only a few tokens that I diligently stake and rarely sell. ALIVEM MINES 379.7520 ALIVE every 24 hours, distributed by token ownership. Once the Mining rewards come in, investors can sell for hive, promote posts (burn) or best of all STAKE the ALIVE token. Why stake ALIVE?


The first is obvious, the larger the stake, the bigger the curation rewards! I have a policy of always voting 100% on everything (unless it's automated) and with the stake I've accumulated over the last year or so, most curation rewards are over 1 ALIVE token each. It's also great to be able to reward quality content and build those relationships. That's what HIVE is all about, right?


Reward comments with ALIVE stake. Once you stake 1000 ALIVE tokens, you can reward your readers and curated posts with a small ALIVE stake gift up to 10x per day! Every time you see !ALIVE in the comments, the author will receive 0.10 ALIVE STAKE. Once you get to 5000 ALIVE it doubles to 20x calls per day. And on and on... it's an easy way to offer "proof of life" and introduce people to ALIVE when they find these small stakes sitting in their wallet.


Holding an ALIVE stake "mines" three very popular tokens! These are the current daily distributions to ALIVE stake holders (subject to change):

5.00 LOLZ tokens
5.00 PGM tokens
0.43 BRO tokens

These tokens are distributed daily to stakeholders of ALIVE token, in proportion to their stake of the total stake. Of course there is some competition, since others can (and will) increase their stake and reduce your slice of the pie! Currently i'm receiving about 1.3% of the pie (with 13K stake) which "mines" a small amount of all three tokens every day. If I sold them for HIVE, it would be worth about 0.04 - 0.05 HIVE daily.

I don't know of any other token stake that does that!


The second token that ALIVEM will reward is the AWESOME token. The only token I've ever seen that has consistently grown in value week by week, month by month.

Nobody is selling AWESOME tokens at any reasonable price, so there are only two practical ways acquire it:

ALIVEM mining (daily rewards)

ALIVEM mines 0.043 AWESOME tokens to ALIVEM stakeholders every day. There are about 1100 tokens staked, so it's a very small amount of AWESOME tokens, but it adds up.

Delegating HP to @thisisawesome (weekly rewards)

@thisisawesome rewards tokens weekly. Some examples are LEO, CCC, BEE, POB, WAIV, PGM, SPORTS, CENT and LOLZ. And you'll always mine a share of AWESOME tokens... which is AWESOME. It's completely automated passive and diversified income. Rewards are based on the amount of HP delegated. I delegate 100 HP and receive about 0.026 AWESOME token per week.

Currently AWESOME token is worth about 5.63 HIVE each, but that value increases regularly. At the beginning of the year, it was at about 3 HIVE each, it has almost doubled since then!

Every little bit of AWESOME token you add to the stack, you can watch it grow with no intervention over time. If you're tight for HIVE, you can sell off some AWESOME token, but it'll be a long road to earn it back. And the way it grows why would anyone sell?


The ALIVEM miner produces ALIVE tokens and AWESOME tokens, which are both excellent investment tokens (in my non-financial advice opinion). Growing both my ALIVE stake (with all it's benefits) and growing the AWESOME token collection passively, investing my hard-earned HIVE makes it worthwhile.

The hidden bonus... earn more BEE token on posts.

The hidden bonus is that purchases of ALIVEM goes towards the ALIVE tribe purchasing more BEE tokens. That means their curation on your posts will offer better BEE rewards. The benefit goes back to the investors!

we buy BEE with the Hive we get from selling them, that then increases our curation rewards too, and we can keep staking BEE at a faster rate, plus it also mean that tribe members earn more BEE on their posts as well.

Something to BEE happy about!

Final Thoughts

With all of this tokenomics working together, encouraging growth, the get rich slow technique, with small daily diverse dividends, I see ALIVEM as a key token to benefit from all of it.

Mine daily ALIVE tokens passively, while also mining daily AWESOME tokens passively.

Stake the ALIVE tokens and participate within the tribe which offers great support and watch the stake (and the benefits of the stake) increase with each passing day.

Watch the AWESOME stack grow and increase in value, slow but steady, little by little.


Get ALIVEM before the price doubles, which may be soon:

We double the price we sell them for with every 1000 ALIVEM that we put on the market.

Going, going...


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of six wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!


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