We Are Alive! September 21, 2022 Home-made Sandwich Bread

We've been practicing making home-made bread using fresh wheat berries. In the past, our bread projects have had very tough crusts, but with some experimenting and practice, we've been able to make a sandwich bread that is useful for everyday use. And it's soft all the way through, even the crust!

This bread is a lot more filling than store bought bread, one slice is more dense and heavier than what's found in the plastic-wrap in the store. Fresh bread does go stale much faster, so we can't store it for weeks at a time, but it's so tasty that a loaf disappears very quickly.

We make two at a time, since one gets gobbled up right away, when the smell of baking bread is in the house. The second loaf is usually eaten up between breakfast and lunch the next day.

We know this bread is "whole wheat" since we grind up the whole wheat berries to make it! We also know every additive, since we add it!

Once we go real food, it's difficult to go back.

Have you ever made bread before?


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of six wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!


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