FIVE Reasons to Stake ALIVE Token

Anyone who has been on the HIVE blockchain for any amount of time, quickly learns about various "tribes". Each tribe is focused around a particular topic, but one topic we all have in common is that WE ARE ALIVE!

Not only alive, but alive and thriving! This tribe is here to encourage bloggers to encourage one another, support one another and to grow together.

Why Stake Alive Token?

Every tribe earns the respective token and users can stake, trade or transfer these tokens. Many tribes distribute at least HALF of their token in the form of STAKE, requiring power-downs to sell. ALIVE tribe is unique in that ALL REWARDS ARE LIQUID!

It may be tempting to sell off all these liquid rewards for some quick SWAP.HIVE, but before you place that order, there's something to consider: Staked Alive token is unique in another way also. In fact, there are FIVE good reasons to STAKE your ALIVE tokens.

FIVE Reasons to stake ALIVE token:

  1. Increased Curation Rewards. Like any tribe token, the greater the stake, the better your curation rewards will be when you upvote an "ALIVE" post or comment. This will increase your opportunity to acquire MORE alive tokens and grow your stake.

  2. Tip your fellow HIVIANS with ALIVE tokens: Once you have at least 1000 ALIVE tokens staked, you can use the command !ALIVE on a comment and they will receive 0.10 STAKED ALIVE tokens. This can be repeated 10x per day and as your stake grows, so does the number of daily tips! 1K = 10 tips, 5K = 20 tips, 20K = 30 tips and 100K = 40 tips per day It's an easy way to reward a fellow HIVIAN for their comment or sentiment.

  3. Win a FREE BOOST every week: By participating in the Weekly staking contest put on every Thursday by @flaxz, you will receive a share (based on % increase of stake) either of 500 staked alive tokens, or if you have over 1K tokens staked, a share of 500 alive's worth of staked ALIVEM tokens (ALIVE MINER). That's a weekly value of about 50 HIVE (!!!!) worth of tokens distributed for free every week month, just for powering up ALIVE tokens!

  4. Receive Daily Token Rewards: ALIVE stakeholders are distributed daily token rewards in LOLZ, PGM, DHEDGE and BRO. These daily dividends are distributed by the user's share of ALIVE stake. All together, there is about 5 HIVE's worth of tokens distributed daily. ALIVE TRIBE distributes about $50.00 USD worth of tokens every month to stake holders!

  5. Delegate Your ALIVE STAKE to @aliveandthriving for weekly rewards. This delegation will reward you ALIVEM tokens weekly. The APR for this delegation changes, but is typically around 28% APR. There are other projects that accept ALIVE stake delegations, such as @lolz.alive and @dhedge.

Does ALIVE tribe Win the Awards for the Most Generous Tribe?

I would say a resounding YES! I do not know of any other tribe with so many giveaways, contests, and tips, this tribe is the most generous and encouraging in the HIVE journey.

Listed above are just the benefits of STAKING Alive token, in addition there are additional rewards too:

Daily Participation Prizes

Also daily participation opportunities for a chance to win prizes! Two daily winners of 50 HP delegation for four weeks (!!!) and two daily winners of 500 ALIVE POWER delegation for four weeks (!!!). The prizes stack, so if you're lucky you can be cruising with hundreds of HP delegated, or thousands of AP (alive power) increasing your growth!

Plus, each winner receives 50 ecency points!

ALIVE Burning Contest

Then there's the ALIVE BURNING contest, where all the burned tokens are calculated as ALIVEM tokens and participants get entries based on the number of tokens they burned. Burns are usually between 300 - 500 tokens, resulting in a weekly ALIVEM prize worth around 10 - 15 HIVE distributed evenly to four winners.

If this isn't enough to get you active on ALIVE tribe, I don't know what is!

I've always had a saying "come for the crypto, stay for the community". Even with these generous giveaways, they are distributed among many users. HIVE is a get-rich-slow scheme and it requires participation and staying power. It can be a grind at times, but over time many have discovered how enjoyable it is to communicate with interesting people, play fun games, have excellent conversations and engagements. It's not all about rewards, otherwise people would find something else.

Having been posting almost daily on STEEM/HIVE since 2017, I can attest to the satisfaction of dedication. Many people come and go, but for those who grind away daily over a long time, will find themselves in a position of influence and prestige and also with an impressive wallet!

ALIVE tribe is encouraging for anyone just getting started, offering an opportunity for daily posting, passive and active income opportunities and a great and interactive community of hive-minded individuals.---


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of SIX wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!


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