We aAre Alive With Natural Remedies #55-18/03/2023

In my herbs garden

Welcome my dear esteemed hivers to my blog this beautiful Saturday evening in my country. It is 6:12pm now. I have been busy with a lot of things since morning. From my garden to cooking of food and other things. In my country, today is Governor 's election. I utilize the opportunity to achieve a lot. Let's see one of the things i did today.

Natural Remedies

Something has gone wrong in this our generation. Before now, food was medicine but now, food is not serving as medicine again because of how we prepare the food or what we have choose to eat. Many families eat what they see not what they want and the result is disease and sickness.

I learned so much from my father, that is to plant some herbs around the house. And to use them to cook, prepare medicine or use some to bath when there is fever or pain. I prepared some today as delicious drink and medicine for my family.

  • Lemon grass
  • Pineapple
  • Ginger
  • Vietnamese coriander

Lemon grass

All the herbs i used.

How to prepare the healthy drink.

Cut out the back of the pineapple

Wash the lemon grass and Vietnamese coriander, ginger.

Get your pot ready and put all together, chop the lemon grass, add the ginger, slice the back of the pineapple and add water as you desire. And put on the fire to boil for 20 to 30 minutes.

Blend or grind the pineapple to bring out the juice.

Here is the juice ready for the mixture.

Bring the medicine down and filter it. Put inside your drinking flax or anything you want to use. Allow it cool down before you add the pineapple juice.

The original health drink is ready for everyone. Even my neighbors who saw when I was preparing it came around to enjoy it.


The taste is irresistable and shared to anyone around.
I could not wait than to enjoy myself.

Why all this mixture.

Well, the health benefits of this natural remedies are wonderful. Let me share a little help benefit of each of them and then you will know why i choose them as my family delicious drink.

  • Vietnamese coriander: we call this leaves in my City, blood of Jesus.lol, it is used to build the blood. You can get a handful of it, wash it, squeeze it and drink. Some do mix it milk. But me i love to boil it before drinking.

  • It is good for snake bite

  • It is used for treatment of stomach pain, pimples etc.

  • Pineapple: pineapple is good for treatment of arthritis, wound healing like surgery wound. It is rich in vitamins, it is antioxidant etc.

  • Lemon grass: Is good for pain, it relieves stress, is good for fever, stomach upset etc

  • Ginger: Almighty ginger, small but mighty. If you no see me hear my voice. Lol, ginger improves memory, good for anxiety, depression , dementia, Alzheimer, truamatic stress, stomach disorders etc.

A lot can be said about each of this herbs and their health benefits. But i will stop so far. Eat natural food, drink natural remedies, if you don't know how to prepare them try to learn. Plant some of them in your herbs garden. They can save your life one day.


All the pictures are mine. It was taken with my Huawei y7 phone. My last born was my photographer.

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