My Alive Video on 15 August 2022 | Importance of doing an X-ray in an injury case

Assalamu Alaikum! How are you? Hopefully, you are well. I am fine as well, Alhamdulillah. Welcome to my post. It is my Alive Video on Monday the 15th of August 2022. It is #iamalivechallenge post number 429.

One Bangladeshi worker came with pain in his left wrist and lower end of the left forearm area for 15 days. He sustained an injury to the affected area 15 days before. On the day of the Injury, he didn't do an X-ray. He just took some painkillers. As the pain wasn't subsiding, he came to me today. An X-ray showed a fracture. He worked with a fractured wrist joint for the last 2 weeks! Because An X-ray wasn't done.

Please watch the short video to learn about this case, briefly.

Thank you!

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