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I am Back to Merdu

rain on the way

After performing the morning prayer this morning, I immediately fell asleep again remembering that later in the afternoon I wanted to return to Merdu for college, so I had to gather enough energy so that I could have enough energy when driving this afternoon.

And it was around 11 a.m. that I woke up again, after taking a shower and wearing casual clothes, I was asked by my mother to buy shells at the market. It didn't take long for me to start the motor and go straight to the market.

After buying clams and arriving back home, now I take the initiative to make clam noodles at home while the spices and vegetables to make noodles are still complete at home. Because the Azan Zuhur had sounded, I decided to soak the shells first so that the sand that was attached to the shells peeled off easily when I cleaned them later.

After performing ablution and wearing neat clothes, I immediately performed the Zuhur prayer in my room. After that, I cleaned some of the clams that I soaked earlier for me to cook with instant noodles. Because the cooking process is very easy, it only takes 5 minutes, the noodles are ready and ready to eat.

my homemade clam noodles

After eating clam noodles this afternoon, I immediately continued to rub some clothes and pants that I would take to Merdu in a moment, after everything was finished I rubbed them neatly and then I continued to put them in my bag, after performing the Asr prayer I immediately said goodbye to my father and Mother to go to Merdu.

Filling fuel at gas stations

Before continuing the journey further I stopped at the gas station in Geudong for a while to fill up my motorbike. Then I started to continue my long journey this afternoon, at first my trip this afternoon was very pleasant because the weather was gloomy and not hot.

very nice trip

Arriving at Krueng Mane suddenly the weather began to turn cloudy, and finally I got rained on when I arrived at Leubu, Bireun district, after taking shelter for a while at the bus stop on the side of the road, the rain finally started to subside and I immediately stepped on the gas again

take shelter at the stop

Arriving at Matang Geleumpang Dua, I stopped briefly at my friend Fahmi's house, after Maghrib prayer and dinner at his house we went out for a while to hang out at one of the Warkop in Matang. And after 2 hours of hanging out discussing various exciting chats and sharing about our respective experiences, around 9 pm I said goodbye to continue my journey to Merdu Pidie Jaya.

At the evening, the weather feels very cold because it just rained, with a relaxed trip I finally arrived at the hostel around 11 pm, after resting for a while I immediately cleaned up and went straight to sleep.

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