I Am Alive Challenge Day #73 - November 19 2020


Today had been much better. Woke up at 5am today. I was to meet my boss (for lack of a better expression) at his home today. He doesn’t live too far from me. By 6:30 am, I had bathed and eaten, setting off for his place. I got to his side just after 7am. I went to help him pack the tools and all necessary materials into his trunk. We bent some of the iron and made iron mats.


The iron mats are used as foundation for pillars. First place we went to, we made iron bars to be used inside the pillars for holding gates. We finished off at the first place when went to a house to measure the iron bars needed. Whiles there, someone from another house asked our help. That was the second place that we worked. We went to fix a iron bar for his pillar which he paid just there. We went back to the house to measure the rest of iron bars needed. We went to another house where we did the iron bars we’ve gone to measure.


That’s where we did most of the work today. Made two 30 feet mesh bars and four other small ones. Wasn’t much work, but because I couldn’t work as fast, we didn’t finish very early. We closed at 5pm and went back to my bosses house. He was going to fill his gas cylinder, so I placed the cylinder in his trunk after I had offloaded everything that we came back with including all tools. We went to the gas station to fill the LPG and then he went to drop me off. Got him and just after undressing, the lights went off. I went to bed since I had no generators. Woke up after 11pm and the light was back, so finally able to charge my phone.



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