I Am Alive Challenge Day #71 - November 17 2020

Slept late again. I slept after 2am this morning and woke up at 9:30am. I didn’t sleep early so didn’t wake up early. I got on my phone as soon as I woke up, so I was unable to exercise today too. I had planned to wash yesterday but I wasn’t able to, so I washed today.


After washing, I had my breakfast/lunch. It was past 12noon when I ate, so you can say it’s lunch. Watched some series and was on my phone whiles watching the series. At 2pm, I went to buy some stuffed to come and prepare Banku and okro soup. A friend called me just around the time I got home. She was in distress and crying on the phone because her boyfriend was cheating on her. I tried calming her down on phone to no avail. My mum came around just at that time and I asked her if she could prepare the banku for me. She said yes so I left it to her and went to bath so I go and see my friend.


I left the house at 4pm and I got there at 5:30 pm. It’s a 25 minutes ride when there’s no traffic but there’s almost always traffic on the streets of Accra so I didn’t get there early. She had calm down by the time I got there and we spoke for awhile. I asked her about everything and she told me. I consoled her and told her I will come next day to talk to her. She said ok, and I left. I didn’t even check the time earlier but when I did, it was already 9:30pm. I got car at 10:15pm and was home by 11:30pm. I’m happy I was able to help her calm down a bit.


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