I Am Alive Challenge Day #70 - November 16 2020

Slept quite late. Was up until well after 2 am thereabouts and that’s when I went to bed. Officially woke up at 8am. I did some push-ups and added some squats. It was just a few though. I had planned on cooking beans so I got to it. With a little effort, I was able to start a fire in the coal pot. I went for the beans then and I realized it contained a lot of insects/pests. Don’t really know the right name for them. The fire was ready now so I placed a pot with water on it so it doesn’t just waste away. I decided to sieve the beans and take out the chaff and insects/pests from it. That was a hell of a task. Wish I had thrown the darn thing away.


There were a lot of pests/insects and I managed to take out a lot of them. I washed them after that and poured them into the pot that contained water which was on the fire. I fanned it a bit to keep the fire blazing and went out to buy more charcoal. It started raining on my way back but luckily, I was almost home then. The rain couldn’t beat me much. I checked the beans on fire and it was cooking. My extension board had been misbehaving so I decided to work on it.


I spent a lot of time working on it and I couldn’t detect any fault. I was practically working without any tools. I later went to borrow a tester. I was finally able to fix it and I realized there was a short circuit somewhere in the cable which was causing that. I cut some portion of the cable out and reconnected the rest. Worked fine.


Went to bath after that, and it was 3pm by then. I decided to eat some of the beans and when I opened it, I saw some of the insects/pests on it. I was too appalled to eat so I went for banku instead. The beans had settled by then after cooking and the insects/animals were resting on top. I couldn’t eat. Whiles eating the banku, a friend called that she was passing by for some movies. I paused my eating and went to meet her and after copying the movies, I went to escort her. I came back home to continue my banku. I was also watching some movies whiles eating and I was also chatting. Watched movies and chatted for the rest of the night.


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