Passive Income - On Hive - Curation In Tribes - IAAC #179

Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on 3speak, CTPtalk and Hive.

Passive Income - On Hive - Curation In Tribes

In this video I talk about passive income on Hive, and here I talk about curation in Hive-engine tribes.

Tribes are topic specific and have their own condensers with a domain name and their own tokens in addition to earning Hive, like CTPtalk for example,

In CTPtalk you can earn CTP tokens plus Hive, and this tribe is about affiliate marketing and online business.

Apart from manual curation, which you should be doing to vote on good content, you can also follow the curation trail on @ph1102.ctptrail, run by Zoltan @ph1102 and voting on good content in the tribe.

The author/curator split in CTP is 60/40, so 40% of the rewards goes to curators, other tribes set their own split.

If you are voting in different tribes with your main account you might run into a situation where you don't vote in an optimal way in the tribes, but you can always make accounts for each tribe if you want, I have @flaxz.ctp to vote with in the CTPtalk tribe, that allows me to use my full Voting Power in CTP.

There is no Convergent Linear Rewards Curve nor an Optimal Voting Window to think about in the tribes, vote on what you like and in any time before the 7 day payout window.

Other than that just make sure to keep your Voting Power above 85% or 90% to not go too low, and also not let it hit 100% where it will sit idle and not earning you anything.

So check out the tribes, and it can be a good way to earn you curation rewards, with a nice auto and manual combination.

Watch the video to get more details.

I Am Alive - Day 179

It is now my day 179 for the #IAmAliveChallenge, and you can read how it started and how to join in this guide, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide.

This is all about celebrating that you are alive despite the hard times we now live in, and to share that with the world and the Hive blockchain, you are alive, and that matters.

We Are Alive!

Enjoy Watching The Video!

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Stay safe, awesome and alive!

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