We Are Alive - How To Work With Templates And Drafts In Our Tribe Interface

Here I talk about how templates and drafts work in our tribe interface, and how to use them to your advantage to boost your productivity.

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How To Work With Templates And Drafts In Our Tribe Interface

Using templates and drafts when making posts is a great way to increase your productivity, with templates you save a lot of time by having recurring parts already assembled, like the footer and layout of your post for example.

And using drafts you don't have to write it all at once, you can write it in increments when you have the time, plus you also have a backup of what you have written.

In our tribe interface on, https://wearealiveand.social/, templates and drafts are stored locally in your browser, drafts get saved automatically, and you can have one post draft saved at any one time in the same browser.

With templates you open the Advanced Settings in your post editor, give the template a name and save it, and if you want to update it, then load the template and make your changes and then save it again with the exact same name as before, you can have multiple templates saved.

As everything is stored locally in your browser there is no syncing between devices, unless you can sync your browser storage between devices, but I have not tested that part.

In any case using templates and drafts will save you time, get you more productive, and you can write your post on your time, so check it out.

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