We Are Alive - How To Use Our Tribe Interface - Using Hive Keychain On Your Smartphone

Here I talk about how you can use our tribe interface with Hive Keychain on your smartphone, and how to make it a good experience.

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz.

We Are Alive - How To Use Our Tribe Interface - Using Hive Keychain On Your Smartphone

So as you might have heard there is one major problem with using Hivesigner on any tribe interface, and that is that you can't upload images.

This becomes a problem if you want to use a mobile device, and entering your posting key directly is a less secure way to make it work.

The ideal is therefore to use Hive Keychain, and to do that on your smartphone you also need a browser where you can install extentions.

A browser with that functionality is Kiwi Browser, it's based on Chromium and works great with Hive Keychain.

With that set up you are then able to easily use our tribe interface on https://wearealiveand.social/ in a secure way, and it's also easy to switch between accounts as well.

One thing about the Nitrous Condenser which our tribe interface uses, and that is based on the Condenser used by hive.blog, is that it does not scale all too well on mobile, and to remedy that make sure to zoom out just a small bit before interacting with it, that way it is all stable and does not wobble when you swipe.

And finally I uploaded this video to Odysee to see if I could embed the video directly in my post while using our tribe interface to publish the post, it turns out that the embed was not supported, a link to my video is added to the top graphic though, so click on that to watch my video.

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