Update - Adjusting Curation For Posts Promoted By Burning ALIVE Tokens

In this post I share that we are updating the curation levels for posts promoted in the We Are Alive Tribe by burning ALIVE tokens, the popularity has gone up and we need to scale it accordingly, enjoy!

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Update - Adjusting Curation For Posts Promoted By Burning ALIVE Tokens

So after starting to promote posts published in the We Are Alive Tribe Community using Ecency with 1 ALIVE each, the popularity of burning ALIVE tokens has gone up considerably.

Announcement - Get Your Post Promoted When Posting To The We Are Alive Tribe Community Using Ecency

I knew it would go up, though I still thought we would have about a week before we needed to adjust curation levels, but it turns out that we are already at the point where adjustment is nessecary.

The @aliveprojects account has been upvoting with 20% Voting Power for each ALIVE burned so far, and it has just below 16k Alive Power that is not delegated, this has now been raised with an 8k Alive Power delegation from @flaxz.alive, plus in a few days another 8k AP will come back to @aliveprojects from canceled delegations.

That means the AP Voting Power on the account has now increased with 50%, and it will be doubled in a few days time, so from now on we will upvote promoted posts with 15% VP per ALIVE burned, and this is effective immediately.

This means 90% VP for burning 6 ALIVE tokens, and 100% if burning 7 ALIVE.

At the start to middle of next week @mypathtofire will be moderating promoted posts, and we will also update the posting guidelines for the tribe soon as well, we need to make sure that promoted posts also follow them too, plus we have a few more things coming to keep scaling the tribe, and we need to get those in place before adding more features.

So what do you think, add your feedback in the comments below.

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