Happy Birthday To Me - 40 Years Old And Still Alive

Photo by Erik Gustafsson

So this happened, I just turned 40 years old today on April 1, 2021, and no this is not a joke, people are actually born this day too.

I am not sure how I feel about turning 40, I certainly don't feel like 40, or at least not what I imagined 40 to be, but here I am and there is no turning back.

Now as we have the Covid-19 and restrictions and stuff there is not much celebration either, parties are not allowed in restaurants and cafe's, going out to eat then there is a rule of 1 person per table.

Anyways I did go out and take a walk, and found a nice cafe where I had some cake and a latte.

Photo by Erik Gustafsson

Regardless, I am alive and that makes all the difference, and I wish you all a Happy Easter ahead, and that you enjoy your day.

Stay safe, awesome and alive.

Erik Gustafsson


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