Announcement - We Are Now Paying Out AWESOME Tokens Every Day To ALIVEM Stakeholders

In this post I share that we are now paying out AWESOME tokens every day to ALIVEM stakeholders, and also why we are doing it, plus what this means for the tribe, enjoy!

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Hi there and welcome to my blog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz.

Announcement - We Are Now Paying Out AWESOME Tokens Every Day To ALIVEM Stakeholders

I had meant to make this announcement earlier as I did announce it 2 weeks ago in our Discord when we started to pay out AWESOME tokens to ALIVEM stakeholders, first lack of time and then being sick delayed it a bit though.

In any case, what we now do is to pay out a total of 0.043 AWESOME tokens to ALIVEM stakeholders every day, and there is no lower limit to how much ALIVEM you need to have staked to be eligeble for these rewards.

We will keep the level at 0.043 AWESOME per day for at least a year on, then we might need to adjust it as the AWESOME token is growing with +67% APR in fully backed value.

The AWESOME token is another project I am running on @thisisawesome, and it is a tokenization of the Hive Power on that account, and it grows in value when that HP increases, and the value is also fully backed by it and about 1/3 is kept in buy orders to keep it backed up.

The only way AWESOME tokens are issued into circulation is as rewards for Hive Power delegations to @thisisawesome, which is bought at token value with liquid Hive earnings on @thisisawesome, so it is a quite rare token with a high value and a good growth in value over time, and 100% backed by it's underlying asset.

This makes it a very attractive reward to ALIVEM stakeholders, and a reward that only grows in value over time, at least if being measured in Hive.

Why Are We Doing This?

The reason that we are giving additional rewards to ALIVEM stakeholders, since they are already earning ALIVE as mining rewards, is to make it more attractive to buy and stake them.

We currently sell ALIVEM at a price of 10 Hive each, and it has 3 decimals, plus we double the price we sell them for with every 1000 ALIVEM that we put on the market.

This is by design as we want our miners to be performing well, most miners are not unless you buy many and stake them, and that is because 20 winners per hour is the max you can have, and also what we have for ALIVEM.

By keeping the supply low then people win more often by staking ALIVEM, even with a lower amount staked, and most people likes to win.

At current there is 1130.330 ALIVEM staked by 105 accounts, we sell them for 10 Hive per token, and they mine 379.7520 ALIVE per 24 hours, and highest bid for ALIVE is right now 0.023004 Hive, and this gives us a current mining APR for ALIVEM of just over 28%.

All of this makes it quite attractive to buy and stake ALIVEM in my opinion, so why do we want to boost the attraction?

The Tribe Is Growing

At the moment we currently have 3960 ALIVE stakeholders, and that is up with a bit less than 200 in 2 weeks, so we are growing fast.

We are hosting our tribe interface on We Are Alive And Social with Hive-engine, and this means we need to stake 1 BEE for each ALIVE stakeholder on the @aliveandsocial account, and delegations don't count.

Now we could of course host it ourselves instead if we wanted, but that would also mean that we need to support it oursleves too when something does not work, now we can just contact Hive-engine and they will fix it, so that is preferrable.

The current BEE stake on @aliveandsocial is 4979 right now, and that is up with about 800 BEE in the last 2 weeks as we sold quite a bit of ALIVEM after starting to pay out AWESOME tokens to ALIVEM stakeholders.

The rate that we earn BEE from curation rewards, as we are curating We Are Alive Tribe content on with the @aliveandsocial account, is not able to keep up with how fast the tribe is growing though.

So this is why we want to boost the attractiveness of buying and staking ALIVEM, as we buy BEE with the Hive we get from selling them, that then increases our curation rewards too, and we can keep staking BEE at a faster rate, plus it also mean that tribe members earn more BEE on their posts as well.

The current stake on @aliveandsocial ranks it at place #11 for the highest owned BEE stake, and we would go up to place #6 if we stake just 150 more BEE, so we are a quite big account there, the largest BEE stakeholder has over 50k staked though.

So I hope that you like the new rewards, and not financial advice here, but I also hope that you will find it attractive to buy and stake ALIVEM as well, and please add your feedback in the comments below.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope you liked it, leave your thoughts in the coments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

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