Announcement: Update To Curation Of Promoted Posts - Plus Follow The Curation Trail Of @aliveprojects

In this post I share an update to our curation of promoted posts in the We Are Alive Tribe, plus also ask for your follow of the curation trail of the @aliveprojects account, enjoy!

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Update To Curation Of Promoted Posts

So as I hope you all know we have a vote consideration policy regarding the curation of promoted posts in the We Are Alive Tribe, votes will be considered but are not guaranteed, and it also includes minimum requirements, and you can read it here, Announcement - Big Update Regarding ALIVE Token Burning And Our Moderation And Curation Of Promoted Posts.

What is guaranteed for burning ALIVE tokens by promoting your posts is tickets to our weekly burning contest, votes are considered but not guaranteed.

The current upper level that will be considered is 15% per ALIVE burned, now as it turns out the @aliveprojects account is running out of Voting Power at this level.

So the new upper level that will be considered is from now on 10% per ALIVE burned, and this is effective immediately, and will be considered by our moderator on @aliveprojects which is @mypathtofire, and who is doing a great job moderating promoted posts.

Follow The Curation Trail Of @aliveprojects

To compensate for the lower value in Alive Power that this new change creates we are asking for your help by following the curation trail of @aliveprojects which is moderating and curating promoted posts in the We Are Alive Tribe.

Here is a link to the curation trail itslef, use Hivesigner to follow it, and you might also need to approve Posting Autority for it too,

Description of the Curation Trail, and use the Follow button to follow it, and the Settings button to set your levels.

Screenshot from

And here are the current followers.

Screenshot from

Thanks for your help.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope you liked it, leave your thoughts in the coments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

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