Announcement - Big Update Regarding ALIVE Token Burning And Our Moderation And Curation Of Promoted Posts

In this post I am making an announcement about a big update regarding how we do moderation and curation of posts promoted by burning ALIVE tokens, enjoy!

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Announcement - Big Update Regarding ALIVE Token Burning And Our Moderation And Curation Of Promoted Posts

Ever since we started to reward ALIVE token burning for promoted posts I have had some bigger plans for this, and our weekly burning contest was the first step of that.

Coming steps which I am working on with Team Alive is to add more value to the promotions by implementing ways that will get promoted posts more visitors.

The New Plan

Before we can do any of this though we need to make sure that we are not turning this into a vote buying project, content quality also matters, as well as staying on topic for the tribe, plus as some might have seen from other projects on Hive then being labeled as vote buying can be really dangerous, so we want to stay clear out of that.

This means that we will move closer to what Ecency is doing with their moderation team, but still in our own way.

The main reward for burning ALIVE tokens to promote a post is tickets to our weekly ALIVE Burning Contest that takes place each Tuesday in Alive Chat.

As to upvotes on promoted posts, this now change to vote consideration, which means an upvote is not guaranteed.

The max upvote a promoted post can get from @aliveprojects is limited by how many ALIVE tokens are burned, but if it gets an upvote and how big is based on post quality, and determined by our moderators.

Current moderator is @mypathtofire, but we will add more moderators very soon, and he will then be team leader for this project.

Minimum Requirements

We will work with the new team to work out the full details for the requirements when it comes to what is needed in terms of post quality for the vote consideration, but here I am adding some minimum requirements for the lowest level of being considered for an upvote.

  • At least 50 words AND a good quality picture that is relevant for the post.
  • Or at least 200 words of good quality content if no picture.
  • If a video then at least 1 minute long.

All posts will also need to be on topic for the tribe as well, and I will soon make a small update to the posting guidelines in our official guide, but the main guidelines are still relevant, We Are Alive Tribe - The Guide.

Original content is also a requirement, and spam posts or non original content or posts of low quality will not get upvoted.

Contest Tickets

Tickets for our weekly burning contest, will be based on ALIVE tokens burned as before, they are now separate from vote consideration.


This new change will be implemented effective immediately, starting today Sunday October 30, 2022, and updates to the tribe posting guidelines and getting the new team in place will be done in the coming days, and kept worked on for the coming weeks.

I hope you like this update, and add your feedback in the comments below.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope you liked it, leave your thoughts in the coments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

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