5.79% APR - On Daily ALIVE Staking Rewards At Current Price Of 0.02750002 Hive

In this post I share an update about the APR for our daily staking rewards that we pay out to ALIVE stakeholders, currently 5.79% APR, enjoy!

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5.79% APR - On Daily ALIVE Staking Rewards

Some time ago I made a post about the APR on our daily staking rewards to ALIVE stakeholders, and it was 10.97% at a price of 0.010004 Hive, read the post here, ALIVE Price Dropping - APR On Daily Staking Rewards 10.97% After The Drop.

The staking rewards that we pay out to ALIVE stakeholders each day is as follows.

BRO: 0.43
PGM: 5

The ALIVE stake that is eligeble for our daily staking rewards are accounts that have 1 ALIVE staked or more, plus we also remove tribe owned accounts as well, which means that 1179068.8607 staked ALIVE gets a share in these staking rewards.

In the table below I have calculated the daily staking rewards for ALIVE, and using Highest Bid as the price of each token.

BRO PayoutBRO bidPGM PayoutPGM bidLOLZ PayoutLOLZ bidDHEDGE PayoutDHEDGE bidHive Value Payout
ALIVE bid0,02750002ALIVE ownedStake1179068,8607APR ALIVE Staking Rewards5,794957616

This gets us a 5.79% APR on our daily staking rewards at the current Highest Bid of ALIVE of 0.02750002 Hive per token.

And if we want to compare it to the earlier post at a Highest Bid on ALIVE of 0.010004 Hive, then we get an APR at that price of 15.92%, so the value that we pay out has increased since then.

ALIVE is a tribe token, it is issued for Posting Rewards and Mining Rewards, and the tips for our tipping bot is paid with tribe earnings and not printed.

We also have quite a lot of activities and contests in the tribe, check out @alive.chat and @aliveandthriving for tribe run projects, and @lukeisalive and @heartbeatonhive for tribe member run projects, and there are others as well.

So if you are an ALIVE stakeholder, enjoy our staking rewards, and know that if the price on ALIVE drops the APR on our staking rewards goes up.

Thank You!

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