We Are Alive IAAC 496 - December 03, 2022 - Saturday with my wife

Made in Canva

Happy day to all, a drizzly day in my town and a temperature of 16 °C.

A day that I dedicated to help my wife in a nursery that she is developing to sell plant arrangements, in truth that her arrangements are looking very nice, soon I will be uploading the photos, then I started to work online and catch up with my commitments in HIVE, it was really a very nice day without any setbacks, the only bad thing is that my computer is working quite slow, and I think I will have to expand the memory or buy a graphics card.
I am alive, thanks for reading my post.

Made in Pablo

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Today's topic: Engagement grow your network
In today's Alive Chat we encourage you to share your engagements from the We Are Alive Tribe and build your network on the Hive blockchain, enjoy your Saturday!

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