We Are Alive IAAC 483 - November 19, 2022 - A relaxed Saturday

Made in Canva

Happy weekend to everyone in the community, a rainy day in my town and a temperature of 20 °C.

Today dawned with good weather, so I went out with my wife to walk and do some shopping for the weekend, by noon it started to cloud, and we had to go back to the house, when we arrived it started to rain, the good thing is that we were able to do all the shopping, then some friends visited us, and we chatted for a while, as soon as they left I started to work online.
I am alive, wishing you a happy weekend.

Made in Pablo

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I invite you to the community chat for any questions or suggestions, every day there is a topic for you to participate, we are waiting for you. We Are Alive Chat
Today's topic: Engagement grow your network
In today's Alive Chat we encourage you to share your engagements from the We Are Alive Tribe and build your network on the Hive blockchain, enjoy your Saturday!


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