IAAC Post 238: Discipline and benefits


Hello dear.
How are you doing today?
You are honorably welcomed to my alive challenge post number 238.
Am grateful to God Almighty for the gift of life and blessings showered on me and my family.
The grace of God has been enough for His children striving and thieving happily.

Our today's world is filled with indiscipline and wayward young people.
Are we gonna fold our hands and watch our kids pour away what we've built over time?
These kids to be precise, were given by many of which we're trained in ways that their parents behave very different from a tip of what they've become.
There is no balance in this at all.
The world is getting more digitalized and as well, opposed to many religions.
I hope we know what we're doing?
Let's invest time in disciplining our kids instead of arming them with words and characters that will boomerang to us in the future.
Let's help the future generations today by doing what's right.
If you discipline your child today, he or she will forever remember it just like you're doing now.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend?
Thanks for reading my hive alive post.

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