IAAC Post 201: Another 100 Days Journey In IAAC

Being happy is among the qualities which I am proud of.
I see nothing taking it away from me.
A friend of mine once told me that being either happy or sad is a choice.
It's always a problem when someone might be happy or sad but doesn't know how to express it.
For me, it's just there, freely flowing like a river.
I guess my smile is contagious?

As at yesterday, I featured my 200th alive post.
Today is the beginning of another journey to my 300th alive post.
Idts not gonna be a problem as I've decided to stand as a motivator to those that are just beginning to make their alive posts.

For the fact that you've shown me a good gesture of "Smile on", I'm very thankful for that.
May the grace of God be enough to keep us smiling forever. Amen.

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