IAAC Post 183 | ALIVE token is getting better

Thanks to the most high God (Jehovah) for the gift of life, provision of edibles and protections.
I live today by His grace and mercies and not by my powers.


Today's activities for me went well and as planned. That was awesome.

For ALIVE token

Today, the price went up as I predicted it to happen in my yesterday's post.
** Trade history from hive engine **
Last: 0.02105003 HIVE / $0.01697
24h Vol: 47 HIVE / $37.53
Bid: 0.02105003 HIVE
Ask: 0.04 HIVE

For today, it appears that we have more buys than sells.
See image below.
The price will surely be better than what we have seen today.
Expect the ask to be above 0.045.
Why not buy some and hodl now?
It's an opportunity. Cease it now.

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