IAAC #291 | It's Midweek Fun Time

Life is all about ups and downs, just the mathematics of X and Y. The more you solve them, the better your experiences and knowledge on ways to solving them easily.
For me, it's just like a deja Vu. Things of the past reoccurring in new forms, but still follows the same pattern.

Today, I found myself cruising around web3 under the umbrella of The Community DAO, the first DAO on Ravencoin blockchain as the head of marketing team.
After some time spent with some new ambassadors of the project, I discovered that they are new in the crypto space and would love to learn more, so I gave them hive to thrive on whenever they create original contents and in search of a better place to publish it.

I thank God Almighty for giving me the grace and heart to train many people on ways to earn crypto currency without investing a cent in it.
Well, am alive and thriving, that's the fate for better days ahead, even as a teacher or an instructor.

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