IAAC #268 | Famous or Popular

Hello everyone!
It's another wonderful day in the land of the living.
God has made it possible for me to witness another wonderful weekend in good health after a short period of malaria infested by blood sucking mosquitoes.
I'm alive and thriving. That's all that matters.

img_0.341688918692983.jpg source
Searching around the internet this evening, I discovered that Mona Lisa's portrait is among the most viewed images on the internet.
It's not just that, the portrait is among the most know portraits in the history of images and projected or painted images.
Guess what?
The portrait was painted by the best painter in the history and evolution of painting.
When will mine come close to such a great level of recognition?
It only demands more of my sacrifice and determination.
Every great achievement consumed some significant number of sacrifices.

I appreciate your effort in stopping by to read my post today.


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