Am Alive Challenge Post 168 | Highlighting 5 posts


Hello hive and alive challenge!
Am alive in the land of the living, that's my testimony.
As this is the weekend, I'll be Highlighting 5 different alive posts.

They are...
@femcy-willy shares his free day with us here, testifying to God for the this gift of like and blessing his farm with more harvest. It was great seeing him achieve that much yesterday. Hardwork pays.

Dan shares with us how he spends his weekend.
Making good use of the few hours you have to be awake during the weekend is worth celebrating.
Yeah, week is for resting and resting comes with much sleeping periods. For him, he washed his clothes.

Sharing with us how God made things to be easier for you is well welcomed in alive tribe.
Alovely shares with us how his day went very smoothly, even with the uploaded picture, having some sensitive gesture.
Meehn. His day really went well

City shares with us, his activities for the weekend.
He's very happy and as an undergraduate, I sense that today is just a free day for him.

@edgerik shares with us, the need to invest in projects. Crypto to be specific with.
This helps in shaping your hope and faith on something. I enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for reading my alive challenge post.
Do have a splendid weekend.

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