#Am alive challenge #hive is alive


today is another Sunday am here to say thank you Jesus for making me see another day thank you Jesus

friend it's time to go to church am here with my talking drum already just to praise my God

and please take your time after church to go through this


When I was growing up, I had friends we congregated to play football. We called ourselves different names of star footballers. We had a football club. We played inter-street football game. We played Saturday and Sunday set. Our dreams were to become footballers, but somewhere we dropped.

While in Secondary School, a knew a number of street dancers would gather, in groups, to pull stunts. Those were the days of Maltina Dance Hall, and the prime days of PSquare and Kefee. Their goals were to become famous dancers. They soon dropped and hung their dancing shoes upon graduation.

When I was a freshman, I listened to a lot of motivational messages. I read motivational books, too. I had a network of people we wanted to become motivational speakers. We attende conferences, maximised platforms to address people. Somehow, majority of us dropped the idea.

Some few years back, I used to write very passionately. BBM was my favourite platform of sharing my works. I soon met a number of people who were great writers, too. We kept sending and receiving broadcast everyday. Little by little, we stopped sharing and curating contents. Something bigger must have beckoned.

I remember days when almost everybody were in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and MMM. I did both. However, I do not have a good testimony. One came and crashed; the other seems to favour a select few out of a vast many.

There are so many waves, now.

There are now commercialised nymphomaniacs called Olosho. There are meretricious bimbos called Slay Queen. There are unashamefaced procreative agencies called Baby Mama. They seem to be the rich ones.

Everyone also seems to be into empowerment, ardent supporters of Girls' Child. Many have founded NGOs. Many are doing many charitable works with their Charity Foundations. A number are role models to Secondary School students.

These are all waves. Waves rise high but they don't stay up. Waves teach wisdom. Some waves can be very destructive. Some can waste time, opportunities, life, and even destiny.

We should be careful of which we ride. Don't be full of negative energy when you see others rise high there, or doing it better than you. And if you are on a dying wave, please get down.

More importantly, commit your life to building things that would last. Waves come and go. But thinkers and the hardworkers build structures that would last forever.

Have a lovely Sunday and a beautiful week ahead

thanks for reading my post