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Larry is Alive

How It Works?

Larry the postman is the mascot for a daily contest run by @maddogmike on the @lukeisalive account.


To be entered you must complete 5 tasks and then create a post of at least 50 words.
You must take a screenshot of each completed task for your post including the date, you will earn tickets for each completed task.
You could win 4 week delegations of 1000 CTP and 1000 ALIVE every day you take part.

There are also other ways you can boost your chance to win.

Earn 1 extra ticket if the post has over 250 words, and 1 additional extra ticket if it has over 500 words.
Earn 1 extra ticket for sharing a screenshot of your Lead Lapture Page (LCP).
Earn 1 extra ticket for sharing your conversion tracking.
Earn 2 extra tickets for making a video of your hunt.

What's The Benefits?

There are many benefits to finding Larry 👇

Get subscribers to your email list.
Get seen with your name and picture and build your brand.
Use your email list to recommend affiliate tools and services and earn commissions on the sales that generates.
Use your list to promote your blog on Hive and get more upvotes and engagement from an increase in visitors.
Get paid in Hive, CTP and ALIVE tokens for posting your Proof Of Larry on the blockchain.
Win great prizes in the daily #LarryIsAlive contest, run on the @lukeisalive account.
Earn money for completing the Daily Bonus in LeadsLeap, and earn crypto for clicking emails in Listnerds, and earn crypto for being active in InfinityTrafficBoost.

Your post should have the tags #larryisalive #alive #ctp

Here is my run for Larry is Alive

Getting Paid To Find Larry


Larry is Alive Contest

Larry is Alive And Delivers Get Paid To Find Him Daily.

This is how you generate web traffic to any page on the internet daily you wish.


The first location is right here on the Hive blockchain to Listnerds as always i read over 10 emails and here is the proof.

I have been collecting some nice amount from Listnerds now everyday, i hit the 90k mark now so am aiming fo 100k next, it is also helping me get eyes on @heartbeatonhive project


Next went to go to Leads Leap and surf at least 25 ads this is a pretty simple task i really like this website and it is where i am hosting my page.
They have some great tools for marketing and building a business.

I am working on my email series and capture pages this week.

Visit This Page Live Here

Visit This Page Live Here

Traffic Ad Bar

Next i headed over to Traffic Ad Bar to surf over 25 pages by doing simple tasks like this consistently you can generate 100's of views easily.

Free Advertsing For You

Next i travelled to Free Advertising For You to earn at least 25 activity tokens.

Infinity Traffic Boost
Finally arriving at Infinity Traffic Boost for the last 10 ads and a home run on the Larry is Alive front completing all 5 tasks.

If you are looking for web traffic or exposure Larry delivers daily.

Simply share your adventures with us in a post.

Join My Larry is Alive Team

We don't really have Larry is Alive Teams but it could be fun to have one as we can all help each other stay motivated and engaged.

All you have to do to be part of My Larry is Alive Team is join at least one of the websites in this post as my referral.

Then simply create your own Larry is Alive post, then drop the link to it in the comments of this post and i will upvote, reblog it and tip you.

If you are already a member of all the websites above just be sure you are on my subscribers list.

By completing Larry is Alive runs consistently will help you build and income online as well and generate hunderds of views to your pages.

Hope this helps have a successful day

Consistently Productive Action Creates Success!

Learn How? You Can Earn Just For Being Alive On Hive

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