Imagine is the start of any good Idea

The other day i wrote a post about how having an idea that you put into action is all you need to start a road to success.

You just need an active idea

Everything successful in the world started it's humble beginnings as a simple idea that someone grew into something bigger.

Before an idea can get off the ground there is much to consider.

What is the purpose of your idea?
Identify your possible customers and partners.
What are the goals and risks?

Manage the the roles of people involved and their responsibilities.
What funding and resources are needed?

How will you get the word out about your idea?
What roles will partnerships play and how will you publicize them?

Will you have stake holders to help you expand?
Will you be taking out extra financing to grow?

How will responsibilities be delegated?
What are your timelines?
What training is needed?


Communication is key are you following up with customers, partners and staff?


What is working and what is not?
What are the next steps?

Be sure when developing your ideas that you take advantage of the fact that almost any industry you are trying to be successful in will already have had successful pioneers.

Find these people and try to learn everything you can.

See what other ideas that are similar to yours that are already current adopt their success and avoid their mistakes whenever possible.

This all speeds up the process of your success and makes it much more likely that you succeed if you go deep and focus from the beginning.

Alive Token Trades

I purchased some Alive tokens to increase my stake.

Larry is Alive

I managed to complete only one Larry is Alive task today as i had a lot of offline errands i had to take care off here is the proof below.

I completed reading over 10 emails at Listnerds.

1000 HP Reached

I also reached 1000 Hive Power which was a goal i set that lagged over to this year from last. I wished i had reached it earlier but it was not to be, so my next HP goal will be 2000 by the end of the year.

Things don't always goes to plan

I had a tough week online as i lost internet for a few days but we have had a new company outside the monopoly of BT Open Reach put in new internet finally called Gigaclear and already the internet is massively improved.

Everything seems very promising and will hopefully will put an end to all the rubbish service nearly every company in the UK was providing us.

At least now i should realistically be able to start catching up with all my tasks.

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